The Black Keys

The Black Keys were in the studio here in December doing press and recording. Their new video has a bit of footage from that session.


Co-Composed the film Goats with Jason Schwartzman over Christmas, it is premiering at Sundance on Jan 24.


Co-Composed the short film Here with Jason Schwartzman for Starwood Resorts.

The Visit

Short film by Tanya Haden. Music by Francis Lai. Performed by Petra Haden and Woody Jackson a long time ago.

Hawaii International Film Festival


Now in it’s 2nd year, SOUND X VISION presents the convergence of music and film in all it’s platforms and iterations. Through appreciation of a great movie soundtrack to the business side of how music is incorporated into film properties. This year’s focus is on the Music Composer, with special guest including Academy Award winner Michael Giacchino (Lost, Up, Super 8), Film/Video game performer and composer Woody Jackson (Ocean’s 12 & 13, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire) and hip hop impresario 9th Wonder.

Game Composers Unite for Japan

International video game composers team up for a new project to raise money for Japan earthquake relief fund–Akira Yamaoka, Woody Jackson, Bear McCreary, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Nobuo Uematsu sign on for new album scheduled for release in May. Play for Japan

Tribeca Film Festival

Rockstar Games’ L.A. Noire, with music from Woody Jackson, is the first game to be named an Official Selection of the Tribeca Film Festival.